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we manufacture beautiful robust outdoor planters and water butts in the UK.

Step 7

Fit the bung to the side you DO NOT want the tap, in case of limited access when in position. Now repeat step 6. Once again with the butt in place, push the long plugs through the top holes of the butt and fix to the wall. Finally fit the tap and push the top…
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Step 6

Offer up the water butt to the top down pipe sliding it inside the centre hole of the butt until it will go no further. With the butt against the wall, lower it onto the bottom pipe section. Now with butt seated level and evenly on the brackets, mark the position dead centre of the…
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Step 5

Taking the metal wall bracket E slide down the pipe via the cut section to align the protruding arms with height line A check that the bracket is dead centre of the pipe and that it is level (Use a spirit level). Mark the holes and drill two 10mm holes and using the two short plugs and…
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Step 4

Ensure that any top clip is positioned at a minimum of  240mm  (9 ½”) above the top of reservoir D for ease of fitting.

Step 3

Measure 1075mm  (42 ½”) up from height line A and cut horizontally through the pipe. Now mark 140mm  (5 ½”) above this cut and once again cut and remove this section C

Step 2

Any bottom pipe clip must be 100mm (5″ ) below the waterbutt, if necessary reposition B

Step 1

Decide the height and position at which you wish to fix the waterbutt, remember to allow enough room for your watering can under the tap. The suggested height is 400mm (16”) at this point mark a level line on the wall A